El Fotografo de dios / The photographer of God


  • Director: Gonzalo Justiniano
  • Screenplayer: Marcelo Simonette & Gonzalo Justiniano
  • Adaptation and dialogues: Gonzalo Justiniano
  • Producers: SAHARA FILMS (Chile) & SELENIUM FILMS (France)
  • Expected filming date: 2019


Manuel Rijtman (40), a freelance photographer, and Burt Rodriguez (42), are both immersed in the pursuit of a strange photographer, Sergio Larrain (66), who decided some years ago to leave behind everything that he had achieved, primarily, a brilliant career in leading European magazines and in the most renowned photographic agency in the world, Magnum, to go and live as a hermit in a remote village of Valle del Elqui in the north of Chile. What moves Rodriguez is to find a supposed picture of God taken by Larraín that an important collector wants to buy for his private collection, no matter how much can cost while Rijtman¨s personal motivation is to find out a track linking the existence of Larraín with his missing father.